25. A chef who needs a consolidated pitch

This week, we’re cooking up a consolidated pitch. 🍳 Phil and Lauren talk with Katy—a chef, food stylist, and food activist—about all things food. As a pro with many talents, Katy's greatest challenge is not easy: summing up her offering succinctly. In this episode, the hosts share the ingredients to success for narrowing focus, creating value, and describing what you do in less than two sentences.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Creating an elevator pitch


Who Katy is and what she does (02:21)

Katy's current clients (03:36)

How to work with corporations on non-profit initiatives (06:25)

Why Lauren thinks Katy should focus on projects involving food (07:27)

How Katy is struggling with getting the message across about what she does (08:14)

Figuring out Katy's brand sentence (09:13)

Why Katy does what she does (10:24)

How Katy can distill what she does in one sentence (12:00)

What makes Katy unique (15:04)

How Katy has struggled to tie all the things that she can do together and communicate that to clients through her website (17:04)

Separating skills into sub-brands (18:39)

Using LinkedIn to get ideas for how other people do things in the social responsibility space (20:46)

How to use your photos (25:05)

Phil Pallen