08. A consultant who wants to draw for a living

All pencils down! ✏️Have you ever had a side hustle you've wanted to turn full-time? Our guest Laurens is a consultant by day and video scriber at night. In this inspiring episode, Laurens walks us through the merits of his process and realizes that the best brands are reflections of who we already are.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Video scriber

Brand Problem:
From side hustle to full time


Laurens explains what video scribing is (02:30)

The type of companies that hire Laurens (03:54)

The one that Laurens wants to accomplish by the end of the year and what it looks like (05:52)

Lauren suggests he has a video scribe on his website describing what video scribing is (08:29)

Phil talks about how to add an element of fun into Laurens brand (08:47)

How to approach offering what you can do as a problem-solving service (12:28)

Adding a face to the brand (17:00)

The advantages of having a unique style and services (22:18)

Why Laurens needs to start seeing his brand as a business and not just a side hustle (23:19)

Phil Pallen