Brand Therapy #32. A yogi who wants to combine businesses

When your endeavors serve different audiences, should you ever combine them? 🙏🏼 Our guest this week is a yogi and entrepreneur. Lisa is at a crossroads with her businesses—each successful in their own way—and doesn't know if combining efforts will make her message stronger. Phil and Lauren go through the pros of separate (focused messaging for specific audiences) and pros of combining (efficiency!) to arrive at the right decision for Lisa. A must for anyone who's got big ideas.

Life Phase:
Merging businesses

Guest Career:
Yoga Instructor

Brand Problem:
Keeping consistent


Lisa's current challenges (02:35)

Lisa's different brands are and how things have evolved over time (03:16)

Lisa’s why (05:17)

Lauren points out that all Lisa’s brands are related and combining them all under one brand makes sense (05:54)

How mindful living encompasses everything she does, but why Lisa has tried to stay away from that term (06:22)

Doing what you love full-time and making an impact on people (07:34)

Balancing a grounded approach in a fluffy industry (08:30)

How to work out your visual brand (13:22)

Choosing a color scheme that speaks to you but also speaks to your audience (15:32)

Brands to get inspiration from (16:36)

Phil talks about his color scheme (18:16)

Mirroring your color scheme on Instagram (19:46)

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