16. A young professional who wants a job title

Making money can be hard, especially when you're a recent graduate. 💰 But one thing is for sure: very often the biggest mistake a new graduate can make is working for free. In this episode, Phil and Lauren help Lucia figure out the different paths she can take to make money while still helping her friends.

Life Phase:
Recent grad

Guest Career:
Artist Manager

Brand Problem:
Making money



Who Lucia is and what does she do? (02.07)

How Lucia works to help artists develop their brands and achieve their goals (02:22)

Phil's concerns with the audience that Lucia has focused on (04:54)

The issues Lucia has earning an income doing the work she wants to do (05:29)

The possibility of earning an income by doing live streaming music events (06:15)

The importance of working within a niche while also appealing to secondary audiences (07:26)

Some issues with the job title Lucia has chosen for herself (09:05)

The importance of Lucia's job title (13:00)

Lauren looks at which words to include in Lucia's title (15:42)

Determining Lucia's specific audience (19:02)

Lauren talks about how to use the job title and brand sentence as she goes forward (23:12)

Phil Pallen