03. A networking pro who wants to do her own thing

Morgan just quit her dream job. She spent years rocking a start-up by helping young entrepreneurs turning their dreams into reality. But now it's time to work on her own dreams. This episode tackles the insecurity that comes without a title and company as a safety net. Phil and Lauren help our guest define her edge, pinpoint her audience, and have the confidence to articulate her skill set.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Branching out on her own. 

  • How Morgan's identity is tied into the job she has worked for the last 5 years (2.54)

  • How does Morgan feel after having poured herself into a job for so long and then to be on her own? (4.08)

  • Deciding that the aim of the call is to figure out Morgan's Elevator Pitch (5:25)

  • How ego can get in the way of telling your story and putting yourself out there (6:35)

  • Exploring Morgan's skill of creating connections and relationships  (8:09)

  • Exploring connecting people  (12:50)

  • The Elevator Pitch (15:43)

  • The email Morgan wrote to friends asking for help (19:27)


Get your very own worksheet in order to figure out exactly who your audience is.

Phil Pallen