04. A matchmaker who wants more clients

Today's guest is a matchmaker. (For real.) After being featured in Plus Model magazine, Nekisha realized there was an opportunity to own plus-size dating space—and the rest is history. In this episode, Lauren and Phil help the guest position her brand to generate more clients, ensuring that people find love externally and internally.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Needs more clients


What Nekisha does (1:39)

Nekisha's approach to love and dating (3:45)

What makes Nekisha's matchmaking experience unique (5:09)

What are Nekisha's goals for the next 5 years  (7:30)

Phil's initial thought's on where to take Nekisha's brand (08:58)

How to integrate Nekisha's brands and sub-brands (10:30)

Refocusing Nekisha's energy on her personal brand (12:00)

Nekisha's current Instagram strategy (13:05)

Embracing producing video content to help her get media spots(15:28)

How Nekisha needs to pitch ideas to media companies (15:50)

How Nekisha should treat social media channels like they are a TV show (16:28)

How Nekisha can use her methodology as a way to focus her content (18:20)

The trap of perfection paralysis (19:20)

Widening her audience by talking about self-love and love for people in relationships (20:16)

How Nekisha structures her services (21:39)

How Nekisha can firm up the pricing of her services (23:28)

Can Nekisha offer a lower priced service to build a relationship with clients (24:26)


Want to start pitching yourself? This worksheet might help.

Phil Pallen