05. A magician who wants to be a household name

Do you believe in magic? Phil and Lauren sure do. This week's guest is a bona fide magician who wants to stand out online. Together, Nicolas and our hosts develop an Instagram content strategy that's manageable and, most importantly, helps show people that magic is real.

Life Phase:
Building a career

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Promoting his brand


What Nicolas sees his career in magic looking like (03:50)

What are Nicolas' goals? (05:07)

Lauren proposes the concept of "everyday magic" (07:33)

The challenges of presenting magic on the Internet (08:08) 

What Nicholas needs help with (09:38)

Using Instagram live to show magic tricks that clearly haven't been doctored (10:43)

Lauren gives tips on how Nicholas can best use Instagram (12:57)

Phil talks about his Instagram strategy (16:14)

Customizing an Instagram strategy (21:56)

How a social media strategy helps build trust with your audience (24:21)


Want some guidance with your Instagram strategy? This worksheet might help.

Phil Pallen