34. An artist who wants sales

It takes a brave person to pursue a career in the arts—and today's guest is no exception. 🎨 Patricia is talented to boot and is ready to go all in to her budding stationery business. Phil and Lauren discuss ideas to position her work in a hyper-focused way. If you're someone who's ready to get your career moving faster than you can say "Gogh," this is the episode for you.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Stationery artist

Brand Problem:


Patricia’s biggest challenge right now (01:32)

The challenge of figuring out which strategies to implement (02:22)

What Patricia’s 1-year and 5-year goals are (03:08)

Where her business is right now (04:00)

Patricia's current business strategies (05:17)

Lauren suggests making stationery based around a holiday or occasion (06:12)

Phil talks about how brands develop a focus in a certain area of an industry or creative space (06:40)

Lauren tells a story about struggling to find the perfect wedding card for some friends (07:30)

Patricia defines the kind of stationery she wants to make (12:58)

Lauren suggests an angle Patricia could take with making wedding stationery (14:51)

Ways to use Instagram influencers (16:52)

As you think about your business you should think about what brings you joy (18:38)

What Patricia is going to do next (19:56)

Phil Pallen