15. A dancer who wants you to smile

Time to open your inbox because we’re talking about email marketing. 📧 This weeks gust is a dancer and performer looking to grow a following. The best way to do that right now? email marketing. Phil and Lauren discuss the extreme importance of having an email list and even write Patrick’s first email!

Life Phase:
Establishing a brand

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Growing a following



What Patrick wants to accomplish in 2018 (2:13)

Patrick's challenges stopping him from moving forward (5:03)

Why a newsletter would be best for Patrick (6:12)

Why email marketing is so powerful (7:12)

The importance of having someone’s email (8:45)

Deciding to write Patrick’s first email (12:20)

Lauren begins to structure the email blast (13:12)

How to make your email blasts look personal (18:10)

Structuring an email like Pat Flynn (19:50)

Customizing a photo to add in an email (21:37)

Customizing the footer of your MailChimp emails (22:45)

Reading the first email (23:17)

A/B testing in MailChimp (25:12)

Phil Pallen