Brand Therapy #23. A young professional who wants to be a brand strategist

There's an art to making your side hustle your day job—and that art is often branding. This week, our guest Reagan is building her portfolio as a brand strategist and trying to figure out her audience. Lauren and Phil help Reagan find her niche and define her services. We also discuss how to set the perfect price for services. If you’re trying to find out your brand's identity, this is the episode for you.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Brand Strategist

Brand Problem:
Changing side hustle to main hustle


Who Reagan is and what she does (02:05)

Does Reagan have a niche? (02:52)

The things that draw people to Reagan (03:23)

The pros and cons of working in a niche or being open to everything (04:07)

Should you base your brand around yourself or build a company? (05:21)

How Reagan currently uses photos (06:28)

Finding a new title (07:29)

Learning to price your strategies (08:40)

Reagan's current pricing strategy (11:21)

Finding your ideal rate that includes all the non-client work (13:26)

How Phil started billing (13:41)

Phil talks about the two biggest decisions he made in his business (14:47)

Lauren's background before joining Phil full time (17:33)

Playing good cop/bad cop with clients (18:08)

How to know when it's time to hire a partner (18:48)

The advantages and disadvantages of using services like Fiverr and 99Designs (19:30)

What Reagan is planning on doing next (21:39)

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