13. A student who wants to start an agency

It's not easy to brag about your work. ๐Ÿ˜‘ Today's guest is at a crossroads in her young life and wondering the best way to articulate her services. A budding brand strategist with big dreams, Phil and Lauren help this guest define her visual style, define her competitive advantages, and figure out how to use Instagram to generate business for the long haul.

Life Phase:
Just started

Guest Career:
Brand strategist

Brand Problem:
Defining her brand



Sade's dream job (02:21)

Her professional career so far (02:51)

How Sade currently uses Instagram (04:17)

Lauren suggests using Instagram as a way of educating people (04:44)

The importance of considering yourself a professional before you have graduated (05:47)

How Sade intends to make money from her business (07:44)

How to pivot Instagram to focus on knowledge (09:24)

How Sade uses Twitter (10:14)

Phil highlights the importance of defining a purpose for each platform (11:06)

Sade's creative process and who influences her (11:26)

The 3 categories of things Sade is drawn to (13:20)

Sade's current website (15:13)

The importance of having a cover page while building a website (16:02)

The value of recording soundbites (16:45)

Recommendations for Sade's Instagram strategy (18:24)

Phil's advice on building a portfolio (19:31)

Lauren suggests Sade brands herself in 3 different to demonstrate her process and abilities (22:42)

The power of audience participation (24:34)


Phil Pallen