28. A musician who wants a unified message

How many Instagram accounts is too many? 🤔 This week's guest Scott is has created Instagram accounts for every music project and it's getting hard to juggle. Phil and Lauren teach Scott how to meld multiple projects into one unified message by cross-promoting and scheduling. A must for anyone who's a multi-tasker! 

Life Phase:
Branching out

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Mastering Instagram


Who Scott is and what he does (01:50)

Lauren’s background in music (02:40)

One of Scott’s biggest successes involves La La Land and Russian figure skaters (03:40)

What Scott's current marketing strategy (05:30)

The difficulties of cross-promoting solo work (06:46)

Ways to cross-promote your work (08:50)

Phil points out that Scott has two ways people can find him: his solo work and as the duo (09:38)

What is it that draws people to Scott? (10:17)

Lauren notices that Scott has a personal Instagram account and a solo musician Instagram account (12:17)

How managing 2.5 accounts takes a lot of time (15:23)

Phil talks about how Scott should have one Instagram account to show the authentic Scott (16:31)

Researching up and coming artists and see how they're using Instagram (17:21)

Merging Instagram accounts (18:59)

Lauren recommends making it clear what the duo account and what the solo account is all about (21:27)

Covers vs original work (22:40)

Phil Pallen