01. A fashion expert who wants to monetize

Our guest is a fashion business and media expert with over 15 years experience working in the industry. She is now using her experience of branding to rebrand herself and find a way to marry her love for storytelling, brand building, and communicating fashion and lifestyles.

Guest career:
Fashion expert

Life phase:

Brand problem:
Prioritizing offerings and making money

We give advice on how Tamiko can monetize her knowledge and skills in the competitive and crowded fashion industry.

  • Tamiko’s goals for 2018 (01:45)
  • Who her audience is (02:15)
  • How she pivoted from working as a sales director to what she does now (03:21)
  • Using her branding experience and knowledge to rebrand herself (04:45)
  • Education and the power of understanding an industry (05:55)
  • How Tamiko makes money and strategies for monetizing her knowledge (08:10)
  • How Tamiko’s finances have changed since her pivot (11:05)
  • The challenges Tamiko faces in trying to increase her business revenue (12:30)
  • Phil describes the upside down triangle (15:10 )
  • Figuring out Tamiko’s core expertise (17:25)
  • Exploring the opportunities of fashion meets education (20:40)
  • How Tamiko’s products fit within the triangle and other things she can do (21:56)


Get your very own worksheet of the upside triangle below.

Phil Pallen