Brand Therapy #24. A consultant who wants more control

When you leave your job to follow a dream, you've got to find clients when reality sets in. ☁️ In this episode, Phil and Lauren chat with Victoria, a newly minted brand consultant, about how to find clients. Phil expresses sales tips that have helped his business in the past, and Lauren breaks down some pricing recommendations. For anyone who's dreaming up being their own boss, this is the episode for you.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Brand Consultant

Brand Problem:
Finding new clients


Who Victoria is and what she does (01:51)

How and why Victoria left her job (02:32)

How Victoria has been building her business part time for the past 2 years (03:44)

Victoria's current way to find clients and how she pitches to them (06:38)

How she wants help with finding new clients and is struggling to get sales in her online store (09:16)

Turning relationships into clients (10:04)

Victoria's issues with networking (13:44)

Phil and Lauren discuss how Victoria can show the value of her services (15:12)

Lauren suggests ways that Victoria can create a valuable package at a lower cost while still getting paid for her time (17:02)

The value in getting feedback from previous clients (20:35)

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