Warning: Twitter Bio-Hazard


Almost everyone has a terrible Twitter bio.

When it comes to establishing brands, it's one of the most valuable assets on your profile. This digital real estate is underutilized, so I’m setting the record straight. Here's how to write your Twitter bio in a very simple way that will work for you, not against.

First sentence: Tell me who you are and why I should care.
Second sentence: Show your personality.

Unsurprisingly, I practice what I preach. My bio on Twitter is:

"Brand and social media strategist for TV personalities, public figures and entrepreneurs. If your baby is ugly, it's my job to tell you."

It functions as a tool to grow my followers and start conversations.
Like these, from JUST TODAY:

If you want more followers, make people instantly like you. It's that simple.
Don't, under any circumstance, do this:


Good thing Holly's cats can't use Twitter.

Without a doubt, a crappy Twitter bio is a digital kiss of death. Make yours interesting or lower your follower growth expectations to a leveled 0%.

Personally, I'd go with the first option.