Branding Myself, Literally


Many people get tattoos to commemorate the deceased. I got a tattoo to celebrate my living brand.

Had you asked me for thoughts on tattoos a year ago, you would've received some snobby proclamation of how I'd never ever get something permanently pasted onto my body. That old excuse of, “What's your tat going to look like when you’re 70?” Totally my jam. (Even though this Buzzfeed article dispels that myth entirely.)

Then a few of my clients got tattoos. And not just some run-of-the mill tattoos. They got their logos that I created. A humbling experience and total game changer for me and my once-firm stance on body ink.

When you think about it, branding in the traditional sense—long before it became a buzzword—was literally branding an animal with a symbol for identification. It had true meaning. And that’s what brand logos have—true meaning.

The more I thought about the tattoos being a symbol of identity, I decided to get wild and do it. I mean, if my clients had the confidence in what I’m creating for them to have it branded on their bodies, then why on earth wouldn’t I do the same? And that’s how I ended up in a tattoo parlor in Venice getting my logo tattooed on my wrist.


When I look at my left wrist, I see the Cartier watch that I worked so hard to purchase. It reminds me of what I’ve accomplished and inspires me to continue to grow. And now my right wrist also has meaning. My tattoo is the ultimate symbol of what I’ve created to fully represent me. I literally wear my brand on my sleeve. It’s a seal of confidence to assure me that what I do has true meaning. Plus, to the great relief of my close family and friends, I can’t ever change my logo.

I share more about the experience this week on my podcast.