Getting Out of a Blogging Rut


Before this post continues, I have to admit something.

I loathe blogging.

If you're someone who enjoys writing, then this might not be helpful for you. But for people like me, I've got five tips to motivate your lazy behind into a proper schedule. Ready? Here we go.

1. Posts don't have to be long.

Before I write, I get flashbacks of that feeling of dread before writing a 2,000-word essay in school. Don't feel that way. In the blogging world, quality matters far more than quantity. In fact, a majority of the bloggers I most enjoy (The Fox is Black, The Dieline, DesignLoveFest) rely more on visuals than words for impact. The Internet is the land of skimming keywords. Remind yourself of that.

2. Write about things that excite you.

As far as I'm concerned, if something makes you happy to be alive, it's worth writing about, even if not directly correlated with your brand. Use a similar technique with whatever's making your heart pound that week.

3. Leave brainstorming up to the professionals.

If you're really strapped for ideas, visit this blog title generator. You're welcome.

4. Vow to write once a week. Always.

This one's tricky, but think about it. If you have to spit out only 350 words once a week, you only have to write 50 words every day to have a sparkling new post by the end. Or, if you're feeling super inspired, you can plow through four and then give yourself a few weeks off. Up to you.

5. Make a list of tips.

How meta of me. But in all seriousness, tips help get ideas out and they're easy for readers to consume.

At the end of the day, your blog is as challenging as you make it. Twist your content to be something you enjoy creating, instead of a chore. You'll be a blogging all-star before you know it.

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