The Fine Line of Confidence


Any business owner will tell you that confidence is necessary for success. If you don't believe in the value of your business, the value of you, then who will hire you or buy your shit? I wouldn't.

Some may misinterpret my confidence as an ego. Sure – I can get sassy at the best of times, but at the end of the day, confidence and condescension are two very different mindsets. I am not of the latter. Not everyone considers this discrepancy, and they should.

When I consider doing business with someone, I'm on the hunt for red flags. Does this person acknowledge potential for improvement? Is he or she negative towards others? And, my number one pet peeve, are they ultra-defensive with constructive criticism? If the potential client hits any one of these three, I'll never work with them.

After every business interaction, whether it be with coworkers, subcontractors, potential partners, or even someone you meet at a conference, replay the conversation in your head—and be honest about it. Did you say something that went over really well? Did you say something that wasn't received too kindly? Take note and always consider ways to perfect that fine line between confidence and egocentrism. Your business will thank you for it.