Tweeting Helps You on Google


Do you spend money on SEO? Google Adwords and all that nonsense? Well, I have news for you: There might be a better way that avoids spending advertising dollars.

Look at the graph below. Those are ranking factors that determine what sites come up when someone Googles something. Notice all the orange bars? Yep, that's right: all of those have to do with social media.


Does this affect you?

Majorly. It means that posting regularly on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ will help your brand's website turn up in organic Google results. And this has nothing to do with your social media followers, by the way. Simply putting content onto channels on a regular basis will help people find you on Google, even if they aren't following you on that social media channel. Amazing, right?

Of course, this doesn't mean that you can post whatever you feel like and expect results. But it does mean that people who thoughtfully consider their social media content (and use keywords associated with their brand's offering) will get a tipped hat from Google, especially come 2015.

So, start ramping up your posts, and consider using an app like Buffer to keep your posts publishing regularly. And when you see a surge in site traffic two months from now, you can thank me.

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