Ric Lindberg

One of Stockholm’s premier business advisors.




In typical Swedish fashion, Ric is humble. So humble, in fact, that it took three meetings for us to find out that he’s a trusted IT consultant for one of the world’s biggest fashion retailers. A dream client in every way, Ric commissioned us to push him out of his comfort zone through a personal brand—and we couldn’t be happier with the result.



Brand identity



Ric believes in small steps to success. If you’re looking for inspiration, he advocates making a conscious change in something that’s automated, like taking a different walking path home from work. He understands that everyone has their own journey, which is why we felt compelled to incorporate a map into his primary mark.


The first thing we focused on was getting Ric in front of a camera. Stockholm is one of our all-time favorite cities, so (perhaps for selfish reasons) we wanted to get Ric exploring with a beautiful view. In Ric’s photos, his contemplative and calm personality really shines, which is exactly what we wanted.


Always focusing on self improvement, Ric began podcasting as a way to get past his fear of the microphone, and ended up finding great satisfaction in the medium. Now more than 100 episodes in and with a new podcast in the works, we created branded podcast covers to be a natural extension of his brand.


Every sentence that Ric speaks is eloquent. His website captures his thoughtfulness by repurposing phrases we heard him say throughout our project. We opted for a clean and modern look, with the playfulness of a game theme throughout, to keep things zipped up and airy.


We always joke that we have a no diva policy with clients, and Ric exceeded that requirement with flying colors. A beautiful person inside and out, we’re thrilled that he’s equipped with a sophisticated brand to carry him through his life’s next journey.