Brand Therapy #35. A food blogger who wants a change

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? 🤔 Today's food blogging guest is challenging the saying and proposing a whole new direction for her already-successful recipe blog. Together with Phil and Lauren, our guest Juli deliberates between sticking with what's working (food recipes) and what's got potential (showing vulnerability) so that she can keep her audience satisfied. 

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Food blogger

Brand Problem:
Content strategy


Juli’s biggest challenge right now (01:38)

An Instagram that has multiples purposes (02:38)

Using surveys to find out what your audience wants (04:02)

Making a personal brand successful (05:31)

Juli's story about why she started her food blog why she started being vulnerable (07:56)

Why vulnerability is an essential part of Juli's brand and her success (13:18)

Deciding where Juli should go next with her brand (15:13)

Phil’s thoughts on Juli’s brand (16:02)

Tying multiple parts of your brand into one cohesive brand (17:03)

Creating example brand names (18:23)

Juli's next steps (20:28)

Phil’s final piece of advice (23:45)

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