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My approach is simple: I'll never recommend anything that I haven't tried out myself.

In my talks, I take complicated topics—social media, design, development, branding—and break the principles down into simple systems anyone can create themselves.


Brand for Tomorrow

Become Your Best Self—Starting Today


I know about failure. When I was a college graduate years ago, I was fired from an internship a week before I started. I began my career in a new city with no friends, no experience, no job, and no hope. Things were looking grim until I discovered that getting ahead comes down to confidence and presentation. Basically, branding saved my life. 

Now featured in Access Hollywood, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, Inc. Magazine, The Toronto Star, and The DailyMail UK, I went from unknown to running one of the premier personal branding agencies in the world. I've made a living helping people harness and communicate their individual strengths—and I'm going to show you how to discover yours. 

This talk takes you through the highs and lows of building a name for yourself after an unexpected hurdle. With an unfiltered approach to getting attention and faking confidence, I will give you a jolt of inspiration to evaluate your circumstances, make moves, and create a fulfilling career. 

Best-fit audiences: Employees of all experience levels, business owners (aspiring and current), executives, sales and marketing professionals


Branding is the New Handshake

Meaningfully Connect With People Online


Winning over a potential customer or client today isn't easy. Before you can dazzle someone with your voice and smile, you have to endure a series of silent judgments where people evaluate your value, expertise, and overall likability. If you want to be successful, you've got to use a brand to get what you want—both as an individual and a business.

In this dynamic talk, you'll find out the secrets to owning your strengths and standing out so people say yes. You'll be walked through strategies to communicate your value, develop a brand that recreates the in-person experience, and beat out the competition. You'll learn the tools to streamline your business process and turn strangers into customers. And, you'll finally find out how to use social media as a relationship building tool that will bring you long-term success. This talk is a wake-up call about communication and connection in the digital environment. You'll finally feel empowered to embrace your brand's culture and make things happen.

Best fit audiences: Sales professionals and leaders, executives, business owners, marketing leaders



Creating Brand Ambassadors—Inside and Out

When companies think of staff or customers posting on their social media channels, they become fearful. What will be said? Will this hurt my business? How can I make it stop? 

In this fast-paced presentation, I will change your social media mindset from fearful to empowering. You'll learn how to redefine a company culture that establishes brand unity and loyalty. Your staff will learn to listen to their passions, position themselves (and your company) as experts, and harness their own voice to develop meaningful relationships with future customers. 

By the end of this talk, audience members will be empowered to fuel your company's digital reach and use social media as a sales tool. And they just might increase your bottom line while doing it.

Best fit audiences: Executives, business owners, marketing specialists, human resources professionals, employees of all experience levels



Branding Secrets for Irresistible Marketing

We're all people pleasers. And in an increasingly competitive world, you'll be inclined to fake it 'til you make it. 

But after branding hundreds of individuals from all over the world, I have noticed a common thread between the people who find success—and the ones who don't. No matter your industry, vocation, or lifestyle, the secret to making it boils down to one thing: Be who you already are. 

In this enlightening keynote, I will hold a mirror that forces you to dig deep. By gaining a true sense of your strengths and passions, I'll guide you through the process of creating a personal brand from start to finish. You'll be invigorated to live life on your terms, enrich your relationships with peers, colleagues, and family, and understand the importance of authenticity. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur, an executive, or just starting out, this talk will show you how to build a brand that enhances your best qualities. 

Best-fit audiences: Leaders in all industries, managers of all levels, business owners (aspiring and existing).


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