39. A writer who needs to market herself

How do you sell a book to a publisher without an audience? You can’t. 📖 Valentina is a freelance journalist that that is writing a book, but need help promoting. Phil and Lauren help tackle how to promote a book through a visual platform and sharing more of yourself to your audience through written and visual storytelling. 

Life Phase:
First-time author

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:


Who Valentina is and what she does (01:31)

How Valentina plans to get interest in her book (02:07)

What creative non-fiction is (03:20)

Why branding is now a part of publishing books (05:13)

Phil talks about the importance of seeing the value in social media in order to embrace it (07:37)

Lauren talks about how Valentina needs to finding a way to be passionate about how she’s using social media (09:42)

Lauren and Valentino discuss ideas about content Valentina can post on social media (10:20)

How Valentino has previously used Instagram to tell stories (11:57)

Lauren talks about the need to be persistent and experimenting with different things (14:20)

What Lauren likes about Roxane Gay’s Instagram (17:12)

How Phil is currently using Instagram and how he has reduced the frequency of posting (18:19)

Phil’s advice on how to use hashtags (21:40)

How to use other social media platforms (23:47)

How Valentina feels after this conversation (25:25)

Phil Pallen