Creative Announcement Ideas for Your New Business

I've learned a few tips and tricks over the years to help maximize this exciting time.

I've learned a few tips and tricks over the years to help maximize this exciting time.


You've decided to launch a new business—congrats! This is no easy feat and you should be proud of all you've accomplished so far, even if it's behind the scenes.


Whether you're shy or want to scream from the rooftops, this blog post will have an announcement solution for you.

But before you decide how you’re going to announce, remember that you need to have a positioning statement for your business. That’s how you really grab attention, no matter how or when you announce.

Oh, and by the way: I want to know about this new business of yours. Send me a DM on Instagram (@philpallen) when you're done reading this to let me know your announcement plan.

Idea #1: Make it mysterious

Make it mysterious-emoji.png

There's nothing more alluring than a secret. No, scratch that. There's nothing more alluring than potentially being one of the first to see a secret unveiled.

So, let's capitalize on your new business launch by taking an enigmatic approach.

Here's your plan of action:

30 days before: Set up an email service provider (I love ConvertKit) to start acquiring email addresses

25 days before: Create a landing page (like a Squarespace cover photo) to collect email addresses and use this copy:

I'm about to make a big announcement. Sign up to be the first to know.

20 days before: Post on social media about your upcoming announcement and link to your sign-up page.

15 days before: Email as many contacts as possible (link to your sign-up page) with this template:

Hi [first name]!

I hope all is great in your world. How are you doing?

I'm emailing because I've been working really hard on something I'm very excited about. Since you're someone I trust, I want you to be one of the first to know.

If you're interested in knowing the second I announce this big secret, can you please sign up here?


Appreciate your support!

10 days before: Post on social media asking for people to guess what you're going to announce. (Then link to your launch page for people to be the first to know.)

5 days before: Email your list and let them know that the wait is almost over and they're going to find out your announcement within a week. Also prompt them to guess what you're going to announce.

24 hours before: Send an email saying they're going to find out within 24 hours.

Announcement time: Big reveal to your email subscribers and social media followers!

Idea #2: Sneak peeks

Sneak Peeks-emoji.png

You see this a lot on Instagram. People will create a new program and give reveals through their content. I recommend you do the same on any platform you choose! Over the span of one week, consider the following post strategy:

7 days before: Video announcement (to your followers or email subscribers) about your new business. Ask people to share their latest challenge (that's related to your business) and you'll answer in your next video.

5 days before: Record a video (live or pre-recorded, doesn't matter) or craft a blog post/newsletter that answers the most interesting questions you received.

3 days before: Share sneak peeks of your business, whether it's your new office, site, or a team member. You might even want to share behind-the-scenes shots from a recent photo shoot.

2 days before: Show more teasers and say that your business will be launching in the next 48 hours.

Launch time: Big announcement on social media and newsletter!

Idea #3: Create a countdown clock

Create a countdown clock.png

Sometimes less is more. And there are few things more exhilarating than a countdown clock.

If you're not one for the spotlight, never fear. Just add a countdown clock to a website cover page, post a countdown clock to your Instagram stories, and/or make a social media post exactly 48 hours before your announcement. Tools like Sendtric make this easy (and free).

Then, when it comes time for the reveal, post!


Idea #4: Rally your friends

Rally your friends.png

Create a sincere social media or blog post announcing your new business venture and why it matters to you.

Then, message your most trusted friends, advisors, and colleagues with a heartfelt message asking them to share. Gather your tribe and let them sell on your behalf!

For example:

Hi [first name],

I try not to ask for favors often, but I value your support more than you ever know. I just made an announcement about my new business on social media and I am experiencing ALL the feels right now.

If you have time, would it be possible for you to share one of these social media posts to spread the word?

I really believe in the potential of my business and appreciate you so much!

Idea #5: Reward early adopters

Reward early adopters.png

This is where you reward your early supporters with something extra good. Think of an incentive that you can provide the first 10, 20, 50, or 100 people who engage with your business. Some preliminary ideas:

- Free product (like how Girlfriend Collective launched their very first leggings)

- Free consultation call (if you're launching a consulting business)

- Free group coaching access

- Free online course access

- Free Skype party access

- Exclusive access to a private Facebook group

- Discount coupon

And the list goes on. The key here is to make sure your audience has a feeling of urgency ("The first 100? I gotta sign up!") so they engage with your business right away.

Which announcement idea matches your style? Comment below!